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School Cleaning

Your learning institution has a highly important job to do. Now, with the added pressure of recent public health concerns, that job has only gotten more difficult. Maintaining facilities crews to keep up to date with janitorial services and maintenance items works for many facilities, but how do we ensure those resources are optimally tasked?

Consider hiring Lou's Commercial Cleaning to help with cleaning your educational institution. Our complete cleaning services and clean corners guarantee combine to ensure you can feel confident in the cleaning we deliver.

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School Buildings

Schoolchildren are eager to learn, and their exploratory nature means they’re also eager to touch everything they can reach. They also have the unfortunate habit of touching their eyes, nose, and mouth nearly constantly, and so they’re highly susceptible to colds, influenza, and other transmissible illnesses.

Lou’s staff are trained to execute to a hospital-grade cleaning standard and equipped with all the right cleaning chemicals and equipment to be certain your facility is cleaned to a standard the protects the health and safety of your young learners.

Colleges & Universities

A college or university needs to run efficiently to deliver on its mission. Facilities issues can impose significant drag on the manpower and financial resources of an institution.

Outsourcing cleaning to Lou’s allows your facilities staff to focus on emergent issues, knowing that the cleaning and janitorial needs will be reliably met.

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Preschools & Daycares

Your preschool or daycare business is trusted with the education, health, and wellbeing of your little customers, and cleaning is a never-ending part of the job. Making sure that toys, floors, learning supplies, and high-touch surfaces are sanitized is essential to the fulfillment of that trust. We offer cleaning services for daycare and preschool facilities that will help achieve and maintain the level of clean your business requires.

Work with Lou’s to put together a combination of specialty cleaning services that will ensure your facility is compliant with state and local health codes, and is a safe and happy place for the kids in your care.

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What Sets Us Apart

We’ve been cleaning for over ten years, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about this business. It’s shaped the company that we are today, and continues to inform who we’re becoming in order to best serve our clients. When you’re working with Lou’s you’re getting:

In fact, you don’t just have to take our word for it. We stand behind the work we do, and we guarantee outstanding results.

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