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Cleaning to Prevent Illness

The English language gets the word hygiene from Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health. Since the Industrial Revolution (1750–1850), and the discovery of the germ theory of disease during the nineteenth century, hygiene and sanitation have been at the forefront of the struggle against illness and disease.

Before we all became way too familiar with COVID-19, the CDC estimated that the seasonal flu had caused in between 9 and 41 million illnesses, 140,000–710,000 hospitalizations and 12,000–52,000 deaths annually from 2010 to 2020. Researchers have placed the average yearly economic cost of the flu (direct healthcare costs and lost wages) in the United States at $11.2 billion.

Lou's is fully equipped, with the right products and the cleaning experience to help combat the spread of disease in your place of business. Consider how much productivity is lost to illness in your workplace every year. Disinfecting regularly is a smart decision for your business.

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Ensuring that your premises aren’t a vector for infection isn’t just the responsible thing to do; it’s also good for business. Let Lou’s take care of the disinfecting, and we’ll make sure you’re sparkling clean. You can stay focused on the task at hand while we worry about sanitizing your facilities to a medical-grade standard.

As with all our cleaning services, our disinfection cleaning services come with our unbeatable Clean Corners Guarantee.

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